What Is Solar Pool cover?

A Solar Pool Cover is the most common way to keep your pool water warm. They are also known as Pool blankets. They look like giant sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap heat from the sun and keep the heat in the pool, keeping the water warm and inviting.

Solar cover usually floats freely on top of a pool without anchors to hold them in place. Removing these cover is not that much difficult, just pull it off and store it. Normally the covers are folded or rolled-up on a large reel and wheeled out of the way.

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Heat in the water is lost primarily (up to 60%) by evaporation. 30% is lost due to radiation to cooler air. Their main reason is to ambush the heat of the water under the cover and avoid heat from escaping into the cool night air and prevent water evaporation. They work equally as well on both Above Ground and In-Ground Swimming Pools. Extend the season and save money on chemicals and water replacement because of evaporation.

The Solar Pool Covers are perfect for use in a sunny environment because the more heat they can collect, the longer they can extend the season. Solar covers can maintain the water temperature, 10-15 degrees when used. It is essential to remember that, although any cover will reduce some of the debris that enters a pool, solar pool covers are not designed specifically for cleanliness, nor are they considered safety covers. These covers should be completely removed from the pool before swimmers enter the water.

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