What Color Solar Pool Cover Is Best?

Solar Cover Color – Does it Make a Difference?

Yes, it does, but in ways that may be unexpected. There are many colours of solar blankets now available, in light blue, dark blue, silver/grey colours, and translucent clear blankets.

Clear solar covers

These covers will allow more light energy, across the spectrum, to break through the water. Because of the easier opening through the plastic, these solar covers may absorb less heat, although the heat provided by the blanket can be more than coloured solar covers.

However, clear solar covers also transfer most of the UV light directly into the water, which can cause fewer chlorine levels near the water surface, and may raise your overall chemical cost. Some people say that a clear cover is not as eye-catching as the blue one.

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Light Blue solar covers

These covers can do a better job at trapping the heat in the swimming pool, reflecting the heat back into the pool that can emit out of a clear solar cover more quickly. Blue Covers also help in saving the chemicals because they can block UV rays more effectively. However, these light blue solar covers also block some of the heat, and according to the US Dept of Energy, opaque coloured solar covers can block nearly twice of the pool warming light energy, as compared to transparent covers.

Dark Blue solar covers

Dark blue solar covers are the best at keeping the heat in a pool, and although the heat absorption is on a higher side with a darker coloured solar blanket, the net heat gain during the day is less than with clear blankets.

Thus, a clear solar cover would be the best cover to use for heat gain, and a dark blue solar cover would be the best cover for heat retention. And the light blue solar covers appear to be a happy medium between heat absorption and retention. It’s also the most popular colour.

If you are only using the cover in the night the darker blue will the best for you and if you are planning to use the covers only in the day go with the clear ones or for the best of both worlds go with the Light blue The standard one and also very much original.

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