How Solar Pool Covers Work?

Let’s talk about how a solar pool cover works. As the pool is exposed to the sunlight, it naturally takes energy from the solar heat as we would call it and this is the reason why the pool is very comfortable during sunny days or in the summer season. But it is not same for the rest of the year because of monsoons and winter as well. During those seasons, the water of the pool can get really cold and as a result, you might not be able to swim at ease

A solar cover is placed bubble-side down and provides a dual purpose. First, the cover will absorb the heat into the plastic, and heat-up the air-filled bubbles. The solar energy then goes through the water, by the act of conduction, this is same as that a cup of tea or coffee will warm your hands.

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The second reason for a solar cover is to stop evaporative heat loss. An uncovered pool loses surface heat at a speedy rate, especially when the steady breeze is flowing and also during the cool nights. Preventing heat loss is the major benefit of using a solar cover almost for every pool. Many types of research have shown that solar pool covers are 95% effective in preventing heat loss and water evaporation.

Another benefit to a solar cover is that pool solar blanket can curtail chemical degradation from UV radiation, which makes smaller chlorine does last longer. It Happens by the absorption of UV radiation and shielding the water, and also by reducing off-gassing of chlorine at the surface.

With the help of a solar pool cover, the swimming pool will be protected by all sort of dust and unhygienic elements, it will keep the water warm and will maintain the desired temperature and will also stop the water from evaporating.

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