How Do Solar Pool Heaters Work?

What exactly is a Solar Pool Heater

Before approaching the topic, let’s get to know a little bit more about what exactly is a solar heater.

A solar pool heater is basically a special kind of mat that is fixed with polypropylene that works by absorbing heat from the sun and from the mat; it eventually gets shifted to the pool, resulting in heating the pool water. These mats are veined and consist of two pipes. The mat is exposed to direct sunlight and the water is pumped through the mat veins.

Now that we know what it is, let’s talk about the topic of how it works.

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How do Solar Pool Heaters Works

It starts with the pool size. The first step is to consider the surface area of the pool. The solar heater panel is typically equivalent to fifty to sixty per cent of the total area of the pool. For example, if the pool area is about 500 square feet, you will need a solar panel of 250 to 300 square feet. That’s the basic calculation. This can be varying according to the shape and size of your swimming pool.

One of the most important things, while you try out a solar pool heater, is the place that you are going to set it up at. Or in other words, where you will be placing it.

Therefore, before you get started to make sure that there is enough space and space is exposable to the sun. There is another factor that needs to be considered, and that is the adjacency to the pump. The ideal place of the solar panels is the rooftop, preferably facing the south. However, the panels need to be set in the proper degree so that it gets energy from the sun all day long. For example, the panels should be tilted to 10-15 degrees during the summer.

If your house or location is such that it does not face the south, in that case, calculate and fix the position yourself. The crucial thing is to keep the panels positioned in a way so that it can get maximum heat from the sun. It could be hung around the fence; it could be placed on the grounds, whichever way works. Usually, it is possible for the panels to structure in a way you would prefer it to be.

The solar panel works both ways

Yes, it does not only can you use it to warm the pool water, but you can also use it to make the water cooler as well. It just needs to work in the opposite way. If you keep it active during the nights, the temperature it will absorb could be changed and the water of the pool will get cool.

Few Minus Points to Talk About

Always remember that it is a slow process. You will never get your desired temperature in minutes. As the solar panel runs from the sun heat, it could be interrupted anytime such as, rain or a simple cloudy day can cause the delay. Also, the temperature will remain constant during the absorption. You can’t control it.

Lastly, just remember that you are using this for your benefits, keep things sorted be in line know the drawbacks and move on.

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