Best Rated Solar Underwater Pool Lights – Top 10 Reviews

It is always relaxing to lie around a pool. During day-time, you can rest in the bright sunshine. At night, you can chill out and count the stars. However, during night-time, a pool is worthless if not entirely dangerous if it does not have adequate lighting of any type.

Proper lighting will ensure safety – it could also add to the atmosphere. If you want a relaxing atmosphere, you could go for soothing wall lights with a blue one. You can also go for globe lights if you’re going to have some company the changing colours can set the mood for a perfect party. With the adequate lighting, you can convert your pool into something similar to a lavish resort.

There are various kinds of pool lights, and for those who are not too aware of the pool, technology might not know what of pool light will be perfect for them. That’s why we did the research and came up with this list of the best solar underwater pool lights reviews. The buying guide below will make it simple, and we are pretty sure that you will be able to purchase the Best Solar underwater Pool light.

Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Underwater Pool Lights

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Top 10 Solar Underwater Pool Light Reviews


1) Solar Powered Underwater IP68 Waterproof Spotlights For Pools and Ponds

If you want an underwater solar pool light that can also light up your lawn, fountains, etc. to give a delightful glow, The biling Solar pool Spotlight is an ideal option.

The device has an IP68 rating. The waterproof rating ensures that it does not get damaged by water or other similar elements. This light is easy to install, and you do not require any expertise or extra tool to get it working.

Product Features & Specs

This illuminator has 18 pieces of LED lights, all producing a warm-white colour. The lightweight panel is made of poly-silicon material, and its battery, which lasts more than 20hrs on a full charge.

  • Advance solar panel with enhanced quality to evade damages. This solar spotlight has a built-in light sensor. It will automatically recharge in the day, and will start working at night & will turn off at sunrise. Longer working hours up to 20h on a full charge.
  • A set of the light includes 3pcs lights with 6 LED bulbs. Two light modes Steady on and Gradual Change Mode (Change every 5 seconds), adding magic to your pool, gardens, etc.
  • The light has the highest level of waterproof rating –Waterproof (IP68), and it is also dustproof, can provide underwater lighting.
  • Effortless installation, Stick into the ground / Use included screws to mount the solar panel on the wall. The light heads are 90 degrees adjustable the solar panel is 180 degrees flexible.

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  • Perfect for use under the water.
  • Energy-saving product
  • Dust and Waterproof


  • The instructions are tricky


2) GAME Solar Underwater Light Show

Are you experiencing the battery replacement problem in your pool lights every other day to maintain a joyful atmosphere going? If so, then the GAME Solar Underwater Light Show is the solution you’ve been looking for all of this time.

This light is suitable for both in and out of the water usage and can full charge is attained in 8-hours of sunlight—even if it’s partly cloudy. 

Product Features & Specs

This GAME solar underwater light automatically turns on at night and puts on a show that will set the atmosphere. Due to its ultra-bright LED lights, it can put out a 10-foot show of disco-effect lighting.

  • Batteries can be Charge in Full Sun or even if it’s partly cloudy 
  • On Full Charge, it gives 6-8 Hour Run Time
  • It has completely Sealed Batteries; No Leaks 
  • You can use the light In Or Out Of Water
  • With Integrated Hanger, you can hang it on Patio Cover, Umbrella, Tree or Ceiling Fan For Disco Ball Effect 


  • Perfect for use above or under the water.
  • Batteries are chargeable in cloudy days also


  • Not efficient in larger pools.


3) Blue Wave Solar Underwater Light Show NA4135 Floating Pool Light

This Blue Wave Solar Underwater Light Show transforms any pool into a sparkling light show that is great for night parties or for creating a peaceful environment at poolside. The party starts when the disco-effect lights come on. Use the built-in hanger to hang on patio cover, umbrella, or ceiling fan to form a disco ball effect.

Product Features & Specs

Six ultra-bright, multi-coloured LED lights give up to a 10 ft. Lighting pattern in most pools. Ultramodern solar cell rechargeable batteries will charge in the sun or under the clouds providing 6-8 hours run-time on a complete charge. Completely sealed device means no leaks from replacing batteries. This light is also suitable to use outside of the pool.

  • Solar cell rechargeable batteries
  • On a full charge, it gives 6-8 hours illumination 
  • Multi-coloured LEDs 
  • The light measures 5.5inches diam. x 2.5inches H


  • Perfect for use above or under the water.
  • Great value for the money.


  • Coloured LEDs are less bright.


4) GAME Solar Powered Underwater Show Pool LED Lights

GAME underwater solar pool light show is an excellent addition to your pool. The light is durable and will last for years. The battery is chargeable in overcast conditions also. Hence, you can get the light you during the night even if the weather condition is harsh. The solar pool light has IPX7 waterproof ratings – it any water will not go inside.

Its light intensity will vary depending on the depth, size, and colour of your pool. You don’t need normal electrical power to charge these lights; as a result, you can save on electricity expenses.

Product Features & Specs

The light includes seven light modes that vary to give a fantastic effect on your pool. It is a great LED light that will make evening swimming sessions much pleasurable and safer.

This light can provide up to 15 feet of light in your swimming pool, making it reach greater heights. And because it works from batteries, you can enjoy 6 hours of bright lighting before it needs a recharge.

  • The GAME Solar Underwater Light is a durable pool light that provides amusing and joyful décor for both above- or in-ground pools.
  • The pool light set has seven light modes that shuffle and vary automatically during the working.
  • The GAME LED Solar Underwater Light Show includes an automatic on/off function. 
  • This Solar Underwater Light Show can work for up to 6 hours on a full charge, and no additional batteries required for charging.
  • These lights have a range of 15 feet, but the range may differ depending on the pool colour, depth and size.


  • Batteries can be charged in cloudy days also


  • Not efficient in larger pools.


5) Heansun Underwater Solar LED Spotlight For Pools and Ponds

This Solar pool light includes 6 LEDs and SMD white light; The light has a sensor, so if you press the button, it will automatically turn on at night and off in the morning. If the surroundings are brighter, the light won’t turn on automatically. You can use the light anywhere you like such as pool, pond, fish tanks, gardens, hallway etc..

Product Features & Specs

 The product is well-suited for underwater lighting and outdoor landscapes. It creates a calm and relaxing ambience; therefore, it is not as bright as regular light. 

Its Solar panels rely on significant levels of sunlight to operate efficiently. Snow or dust, can hoard on solar panels and decrease the production of energy. When installing the solar panel, the angle and location of the panel should be optimized to produce the most electricity possible over a year.

  • It is suitable to work underwater or at outdoor landscapes, and the light is not that bright. So it won’t affect your eyes.
  • Turn on the switch when installing the light, and then it will charge Automatically during the day and will turn on at night and off in the morning.
  • Adjust the light position to light up the great spot and adjust the solar panel position for maximum sunlight.
  • The pack Includes 6 LEDs SMD white light. No AC or DC power is required.


  • Multipurpose light you can use it anywhere such as a pool, pond, fish tanks, gardens, hallway etc..


  • Not as bright as other LEDs


6) COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Lights For Pool, Pond and Outdoor Decoration

This COODIA solar-powered light is recommended for those who you want a pool light that can work longer at night. The light has an advanced solar lighting system which provides multiple lighting modes.

The solar light has a powerful solar panel which converts solar energy into electric energy. The captured energy is stored in the built-in battery. The light has an IP68 Waterproof rating which makes it waterproof, thus creating attractive lighting underwater.

Product Features & Specs

COODIA pool light has 3X RGB LED bulbs which start working automatically at dusk. Each of these lights aids to preserve energy and enhance the life of the device. This solar pool light is affordable, simple and easy to install. The device includes Li-ion 1800mAh battery and can last throughout the night.

  • Highly effective solar panel transforms the solar energy into regular electricity. The lights automatically start working at night.
  • Each light has 6 RGB colour changing LEDs and three spotlights.
  • The spotlights are waterproof, so they are submersible to create a beautiful underwater landscape.
  • A built-in Li-ion battery 1800mah ensures a long light time at night.
  • You can fix the solar panel on the wall, lawn or ground with spike and stand (included). The light heads are adjustable to 90 degrees, and the stand is 180 degrees flexible, the lights and solar panel are moveable as you like.


  • User-friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Bright Multi-colored lights


  • You can’t control the colours and brightness of the light.


7) Aveki Solar Underwater LED Adjustable Spotlight

The Aveki Solar LED Light is ideal for those who get sufficient amount of sunshine. The ultra-bright enlightening unit can be used underwater to generate stunning effects. Its sensor enables it to run appropriately on a full charge.

If calmness and peacefulness are what you desire for, go for these lights which will have a soft and warm glow on your pool or pond. The lights are Simple and easy to install and to adjust.

Product Features & Specs

This Solar LED includes six pieces of white-coloured lights, which produces brightness from the bottom of the pool water at night. The LED light is an IP65 waterproof rating, which avoids the damages from water.

  • The light has mid brightness.
  • The effective light-control system ensures that the LEDs are auto on in the evening. It automatically charges during the day from sun heat.
  • Adjust the light angle to illuminate the desired spot and adjust the solar panel angle for maximum sunlight. Over 8-12h if it is charged for over 8h by enough sunshine.
  • The pack Includes 6 LEDs Solar lights with the competent solar panel: no electrical power is required — eco-friendly product.
  • Multi-Function Outdoor Solar Spotlight.


  • Automatic on/off mechanism which causes light to come up at night.
  • It has a long battery time of approximately 10 hours.


  • The light is not that bright.


8) JuTai Solar Powered Waterproof Submersible LED Spotlights

The JuTai Solar pool light is a solar-powered floating light. It has a highly efficient solar panel which transforms the solar energy into regular electricity. The device has an integrated battery, and the power is stored in the built-in battery for LEDs.

Product Features & Specs

The JuTai Solar pool light features an advance light-control system which ensures that the device is charged during the day automatically and is functional at night. These solar pool lights are waterproof, Dustproof and easy to install. This product is suitable to use at poolside, courtyards, roads, gardens etc. It is a perfect light as well as a decoration.


  • The light is solar-powered amphibious light. 
  • Auto on at dusk / Auto off at dawn.
  • Made of high-quality ABS material, the outdoor solar flood light is waterproof, which can survive harsh weather conditions.
  • 180-degree adjustable panel allows lighting to be used where required and catch sunlight at best angle for charging the device. It will continuously light over 8 hours if enough sunlight charges it for about eight hours.
  • The light is suitable for pools, gardens, ponds, paths road, fish tanks, etc. 


  • Excellent investment with the benefits of solar power.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The lights are not bright enough.


9) COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Submersible Warm Night Light for Pools

The next product we are going to talk about is the COODIA Solar Powered Underwater Night Light. The light is powered by solar energy. The set includes the panel and a 3200mah battery which stores the collected solar energy, which is later converted into standard electricity. The package contains spike and a stand which can help to fix the panel on walls or grounds as per your needs. COODIA solar powered warm white lights are also suitable for your Garden, Pond, and Landscapes etc.

Product Features & Specs

This underwater light set contains four spotlights with two modes the full brightness mode and 50% brightness mode. The robust and durable quality material makes the light last longer than others. COODIA solar powered underwater light has an IP68 waterproof rating which can create a magnificent underwater landscape.

  • The lights automatically turn on at night.
  • Four spotlights included long lifespan and energy saving. 
  • Waterproof spotlights to create a beautiful underwater landscape.
  • The light has a Li-ion battery with a capacity at 3200mah.
  • Package included a stand and a spike. The light heads are 160 degrees flexible, and the stand is 180 degrees adjustable. You can move the solar and light panel up and down.


  • The solar panel and light stand are adjustable according to your requirements.
  • Waterproof to IP68


  • The length of the electrical lines are too short


10) Galapara Solar Powered LED Floating Underwater Pool Lights

This Galapara LED solar pool light can work for 15 hours on a full charge by solar energy. The light is multipurpose. You can use this light to brighten up your parties, festivals, outdoor spaces, gardens and pools. The product is built by using high-grade ABS materials, which makes it durable and last longing than the others available in the market.

Product Features & Specs

By changing the colours automatically, the light can create a beautiful floating light in your pool. This light has an IPX6 rating, which makes it waterproof and enables the light to survive harsh weather conditions also. This solar-powered LED pool light has no radiation and electric shock, which makes you secure from such hazards. High conversion panel and NI-MH 600maH battery are included in the package. The battery fully charges in 3-4 Hours in sunlight and can work for 15hours on a full charge.

  • Solar pool lights with yellow, red, green and colour changing modes create a light show in your pool.
  • The integrated battery that can work for 15 hours after fully charged by sunlight 
  • The solar-powered LED light has no electric shock and radiation.
  • IPX6 water resistance and high-grade ABS frame make them works well and safe in different conditions.
  • Solar-powered pool light provides lighting for your parties and is suitable for outdoor patio, garden, swimming pools etc.


  • Excellent investment with the benefits of solar power.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The lights are not bright enough.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Liquid Solar Pool Covers


Now we know that solar pool lights are the best way to go forward, how will you make sure that you get the best product for your bucks? Let’s have a look at what we believe are the main factors to think about when looking to purchase a solar pool light.

Ease of Installation

Unlike the floating pool lights, underwater lights are usually fixed on the wall of the pool or a floor. This installation process will need little time and efforts. Sometimes you have to drain the pool to install these pool lights properly. On the other hand, the visual effects and illumination are stunning in the underwater solar pool lights as the brightness reflects from the bottom of the pool.


No one likes to purchase a product that breaks or stops working within a few days. These pool lights can last longer, but the lights have some other vital features also that you will have to consider.


Compatibility is vital to consider when dealing with underwater pool lights. Always make sure that the product you are about to buy can fit in your pool’s light housing easily.

The regular size is 5.5 inches in height and 6 inches in diameter, but you must check so that you don’t get oversize bulbs.

Brightness and Visual Effects

Visual effects and brightness are the main reason to purchase the pool lights. Usually, the brightness is measured in lumens. The higher the value, the better and brighter the light will be.

For visual effects, Pool lights and LEDs come in multi-colour and colour changing modes. The lights also feature the transitioning effects between these colours that provide a stunning show of lights. 

Additional Features

If you have kids, or you like night parties at your poolside. The multi-coloured light changing modes can take the excitement to the whole new level and can include the ‘WOW’ factor in your pool parties.

If you just want to calm down and laze after a hectic day, The dim and warm lights provide a calm and relaxing environment. These soft lights add extra dimensions at your poolside.

If you love to swim at night, but you are not too aware of pool science, then go for the light includes a remote to control the settings.



You can’t ignore the importance of using solar-powered pool lights. Nobody likes any electrical wiring running near the poolside. In that case, these solar pool lights are suitable than regular lights. These solar lights will curtail the electrical shock risk, and you can enjoy the stunning bright illumination around your pool.

Solar-powered pool lights are an excellent option for pool owners who want to keep their budget low while keeping their swimming pools and other areas bright.

To make your poolside attractive and safe, you can have your pick from the above mentioned best solar underwater pool lights.


Please let us know did this review helped you in buying the product or will you recommend this review to your friends, your feedback is always important to us.

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