Best Rated Solar Powered Pool Speakers – Top 11 Reviews

Enjoying and Listening to music in the outdoors is nothing new. There are marine speakers for boats and moveable speakers for hiking and camping but, what is new, the swimming pool speakers. With the top and good-rated pool speakers, you can enjoy the music in the swimming pool too.

An excellent solar pool speaker can be used in the water while still providing dominant and high-quality clear audio. A solar pool speaker will be resistant to water damage, and some units can float around you in the swimming pool water.

While a waterproof pool speaker isn’t the loudest of designs, it will still carry enough punch that you can get the pool party started. It can be a little tricky finding a high-quality model. Our buying guide will assist you in finding the best floating pool speaker so that you can jump in and dance to the tunes.


Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Pool Speakers

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Top 11 Solar Pool Speaker Reviews


1) Alpine Corporation Waterproof Solar-Powered Wireless Rock Speaker for Pool

Here comes the first pick on our list of solar pool speakers. Alpine Bluetooth Speaker has an exclusive design. The rock-style solar speaker is very well suited for your pool. It has a small solar cell on the top, and a replaceable battery inside and you can also charge it via USB port. It sports four full ranges of good-quality speakers. Bluetooth 4.0 has a fifty-foot range for connectivity. 

Product Features & Specs

The Alpine solar speaker is suitable for outdoor applications. It is very lightweight and moveable; it is weather-resistant so you can use it in the harsh weathers conditions also. Just connect any music device to this Alpine Bluetooth speaker to advance your experience in enjoying your favourite songs outdoors. 

  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. 
  • 50-foot sound range.
  • No wires required for charging! 
  • Battery includes an on/off switch and works up to 12 hours on a full charge and 
  •  Lightweight, weather-resistant, and waterproof. 
  • The speaker measures 13 “L x 9 “W x 11 “H an attractive look that is suitable for any outdoor location.

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  • Unique Rock-Style Bluetooth Speaker.
  • High-Fidelity Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker.
  • Weather-resistant and Perfect for Outdoor Uses.


  • Bluetooth connectivity could have been better


2) Nuboom Solar Power Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Nuboom claims high-quality stereo sound. Nuboom Speaker works by using a set of dual 5W speakers using an APT-X chip. This gives excellent sound quality at all times. It even provides the bass with a subwoofer in the back. 

The speaker is also shockproof up to 6.5 feet and is splash-proof. That means you don’t have to be bothered about it slipping out of your fingers when you get out of the swimming pool. The Nuboom is built to work in any condition.

 Product Features & Specs

The battery life of this speaker is one of the finest on the market. When using the speakers at 70% volume, these speakers will give 55 hours of playtime, more than two days without being charged! It also has excellent Bluetooth connectivity can work for a distance of 32 feet between devices.

  • Mono-crystalline silicon 5V/220mA solar panel to charge Nuboom speakers if the 4400mAh lithium battery is out of power. 
  • High capacity 4400mAh lithium battery with USB port featuring emergency power bank capability and built-in smart battery management system, working hours increased to 55 hours at least(at 70% volume) on a full charge. 
  • The speaker has an advance APT-X chip dual-driver at 2*5W speaker and HD lossless audio technology. 
  • Advance solar panels and the silicone rubber cover and mean you don’t have to afraid of dropping it. It will withstand an accidental drop in water.
  • It can work with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your cell phones, tablets from up to 32 feet away, also included 3.5mm audio mini-jack cable — built-in mic for hands-free calls.


  • Shockproof and splash-proof makes it perfect for using outdoors
  • The 55-hour battery life.


  • The solar panel is not that strong, and it can break easily.


3) Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Bluetooth Speaker

IPX5 Dual speakers with high-quality sound and bass are more appealing, and sound quality is superb. These speakers can be fit comfortably in your hand or your bag wherever you go. Built-in LED lights provide different modes of lighting such as burst flashing, SOS flashing for outdoor camping parties. 2 pcs Velcro straps, and one piece of the metal ring allows you to hang the speakers wherever you want.

Product Features & Specs

If you are listening to the music by the swimming pool, this solar speaker can survive water splash but, please do not fully submerge for a long time. Built-in 5000 mAh high- the battery can play music for 60 hours and can charge smartphones or other similar devices. It will not have an effect on the use of solar speakers while charging the other devices.

  • This solar Bluetooth speaker uses high-performance single crystal silicon ETFE laminated solar panels
  • It has 5000mAh lithium-ion battery – Powerful battery allows you to play music for up to 60 hours after fully charged. 
  • High power: dual speakers. Two 40 MM speakers. Built-in powerful stereo and rich bass. Total harmonic distortion of less than 1%.
  • IPX5 Grade Waterproof splash, shockproof, dustproof. Stylish, easy to carry. Built-in LED flashlight. Perfect for families, swimming pools, showers, camping, cycling – all indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptop computers. Compatible with non-Bluetooth devices equipped with a 3.5 mm audio line (MP3, MP4).


  • High-performance single crystal silicon ETFE laminated solar panels
  • Total harmonic distortion of less than 1%.
  • Built-in LED flashlight


  • The buttons are hard to find and use. They are tiny and blend into the speaker colour.


4) Ecoxgear Sol Jam Solar-powered Waterproof Speaker (black)

This Ecoxgear speaker is intended to travel anywhere you go. The highly efficient solar panel makes this the perfect speaker on a boat or by the pool, with a trustworthy power source to charge your tablets or Smartphones with an IP67 Rating. You don’t need to be bothered if you drop it into the swimming pool because it’s shock and waterproof, and it can float also. Perfect Bluetooth-enabled device up to 30 feet away.

Product Features & Specs

This speaker has a USB port and aux input for charging your Smartphones. You will never have to plug into a power outlet again because it has an integrated solar panel which produces more energy than speakers need at normal levels. It also has a large sub-woofer which gives rich, good-quality sounds.

  • Waterproof, Floats & Is Submersible (ip68)
  • Play Time is up to 15 Hours 
  • Continuous Play Time In Full Sunlight.
  • Two 5w Speakers


  • LED meter to optimize sun angle and built-in 1.5Watt solar panel, which allows continuous playtime in the day time
  • Portable, waterproof and provides excellent sound 
  • Three hours required for a full charge in the sun and you will have 15 hours of playtime on a full charge.


  • Although the sound is still reasonable compared to other speakers, it could be better for its price


5) Pyle PBTSN50 Sunblast 2-in-1 Solar Powered Portable Water-Resistant Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This Pyle Sunblast Pool Speaker includes Bluetooth function for wireless music streaming. It can work with all Bluetooth devices. It has a waterproof marine grade manufacturing to ensure it floats. The built-in battery gives 4 hours of playtime. It is a full-range speaker with high-quality sound and also has built-in LED indicator lights.

Product Features & Specs

The SunBlast speaker is also equipped with a built-in microphone so you can answer the calls when connected via Bluetooth. Any music playing will automatically stop when taking a call. The full-range speakers will let you enjoy a friendly chat with clear voice transmission; just like you would on your cell phone. 

  • Solar Power Panel Charges the Built-in Rechargeable Battery with sun energy
  • Wireless Music Streaming and Call Answering
  • Mic & Speaker System allows you to use the Sunblast device just like a Phone!
  • Works with All Bluetooth Devices like iPhone, Android, Smartphone, iPod, Tablet, PC, Etc.)
  • The pack Includes Charging Cable, Marine Grade IP44 Construction, Dimensions: 8.5-Inch x 7.6-Inch x 7.8-Inch


  • It is easy to operate, and simple to pair with Smartphone and tablets
  • Excellent sound quality for what you pay and has a unique shape that is pretty appealing


  • Customer service could have been better


6) Portable Waterproof Solar Powered Floating Pool Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy in the sun with this Pyle Aqua SunBlast Solar Panel Wireless Speaker System. The system is compatible with Bluetooth and solar panel rechargeable power in the swimming pool or anywhere. It’s all wireless play and recharges the device without any cables or wires. The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to charge the device with sunlight. 

Enjoy your favourite music while sunbathing, or you can take it to the seaside and drop it in the water – it floats! Lightweight and moveable, ideal when you’re on the go. Waterproof construction and four built-in full-range stereo sound speakers provide high-quality audio and make the device durable.

Product Features & Specs

The Pyle SunBlast Floating Bluetooth Waterproof Pool Speaker System has a waterproof speaker that can float in water. Four built-in stereo speakers provide rich audio, and you can stream music from Bluetooth-enabled devices, from a SD card, or listen to the built-in radio. The system also includes an LED indicator and push-button controls.

  • This pool speaker is compatible with Bluetooth and works with all your favourite Bluetooth enabled devices w/ 32 feet range.
  • The speaker system by Pyle provides stereo speaker quality sound and good bass output for clear music streaming. 
  • This speaker has all the necessary button controls such as power on / off, prev, next, and volume for easy control. It also has an indicator LED light for bt and charging mode.
  • The device includes a built-in solar rechargeable battery that charges in the sun, and you can also charge the speakers via USB cable charger. 
  • The waterproof marine-grade construction protects this floating mini loudspeaker against low-pressure water stream from any angle. 


  • It is compatible with Bluetooth and works with all your favourite Bluetooth enabled devices w/ 32 feet range
  • It has a built-in LED light indicator


  • It could have been better for its price


7) Friengood IPX6 Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Friengood IPX6 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker is Compatible with both Bluetooth device and non-Bluetooth devices. The system also supports Bluetooth connection, TF card insert, 3.5mm AUX-IN input. This speaker can remember the last eight devices used, so reconnecting is automatic. The system also becomes useful with Built-in microphone and hands-free features. You can quickly answer a call by pressing the button on the speaker. 

Product Features & Specs

Friengood IPX6 Waterproof Portable Wireless Speaker has a sleek design which makes it comfortable to hold in hands and is ideal for carrying. You can enjoy your music when you are outdoors, just put it under the sunlight it will start charging automatically. This speaker has USB output and micro USB input port. But the manufacturers only offer an Android USB cable. 

If you have an iPhone, you need another cable to charge it. The device includes a built-in 5000mAh lithium polymer battery, which takes about 2-3 hours to charge fully. 

  • It is suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your cell phones, iPod, tablets and iPads from up to 165 feet. You can connect it to non-Bluetooth devices also. 
  • It has 5000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery which can go for up to 50 hour’s playtime at normal volume.
  • The high-power solar panel can create 230mA per hour
  • This portable Bluetooth speaker with dual high-performance drivers 12W (6W x 2) and passive subwoofer. 360°surround sound at home or outdoor.
  • IP6X rated means that the speaker can resist water splash (can’t be fully submerged). The durable design ensures that it won’t be easily damaged.


  • When the battery is low, the helpful robot stops your audio about every 15 minutes to tell you to recharge.
  • It is comfortable to hold in hands and to carry


  • The manufacturers only offer an Android USB cable, if your phone is an iPhone; you need another cable to charge it. 


8) Renogy Solar-Powered Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Swimming Pool

Renogy’s famous E.Tunes solar Bluetooth speaker has a highly powerful 5000mAh solar battery that also acts as a USB phone charger. It also has a LED light which makes it one of the best picks of its kind, especially for the campers, and hikers. You can easily carry this lightweight device in your backpack and take along on your trips. 

Product Features & Specs

Renogy incorporates its advance solar technologies into this compact and refined portable Bluetooth speaker, bringing recharging convenience and new ways of enjoying music. A high-performance 5000mah Lithium-ion battery provides up to 10-hour entertainment. It keeps the party vibe longer. It also has an LED light and two USB ports to keep devices charged up so that the fun can last longer.

  • The built-in solar panel converts solar energy into regular electricity for non-stop music. 
  • Balanced and immersive sound is delivered with great clarity and pounding bass by two high-performance drivers at any volume. 
  • Enjoy music up to 10 hours at moderate volume, thanks to the internal 5000mAh battery. 
  • It includes a LED light with a flashlight mode and SOS mode to boast bright and reliable illumination at camping nights or in emergencies.
  • IPX5 waterproof rating means you can listen to your favourite tunes with this portable speaker at the poolside or beach.


  • Very Handy, Compact and Lightweight Solar Speaker.
  • The product has dual 5W Speakers for High-Quality Audio.
  • A 5000mAh Lithium Battery Inside.
  • Built-in LED Flashlight and USB Charger.


  • Two of these Bluetooth speakers can’t be paired with each other to create 3D stereo sound


9) Solar/Battery Powered 2x3W Bluetooth Splashproof Portable Wireless Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker gives high quality and clear sound. You can charge your Bluetooth Speaker using the micro USB cable, or you can charge using the built-in solar panel. You can utilize it Indoor/Outdoor or even in the shower. The speaker also has a microphone so you can answer phone calls right from this speaker without taking out your phone. Outstanding built quality, rubberized design and advance features let you listen to music and take on the go. 

 Product Features & Specs

This speaker has a built-in battery with a full playback time of 4 hours, and solar power could extend playtime. The device has a connectivity radius of up to 10 meters, about 30 feet of Premium Sound Quality. The device also supports TF memory cards to play recorded music like an MP3 player even without your wireless device. The Package includes 1 Wireless Speaker 1 Charging Cable 1 Hook 1 AUX Cable.

  • 1.5W polycrystalline silicon panel weather resistant
  • The speakers produce robust, stereo sound to enjoy at home, on your hiking, camping or backyard. Can connect to any cell phone or other BT (Bluetooth) device.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 or plugged in via AUX input with included 3.5mm AUX cable or FM radio or MicroSD card (mp3 files). 
  • Built-in 800MAH lithium battery provides up to 4 hours playback. 
  • The device is durable and Water Resistant to go anywhere. 
  • You can charge it by sun or mini-USB.


  • High quality and clear sound.
  • The device has a connectivity radius of up to 10 meters, about 30 feet of Premium Sound Quality


  • Material quality should have been better


10) Suncat Waterproof Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker With Built-in Mic

The Suncat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a high performing, moveable solar speaker. Waterproof, sand proof, and shockproof, the Suncat Bluetooth speaker is ideal for just about anywhere. This device is well-suited for the swimming pools, at the beach, or in the backyard. Just connect your phone with Bluetooth and listen wherever you go. 

Product Features & Specs

The Suncat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is very lightweight, only 8.6oz, and noticeably portable, with an easy-to-attach carrying strap included. It allows over 15 hours of music playback when charged fully and is powered by a high-efficiency solar panel or micro USB input (cord included). With only four buttons, this device is simple to use, and you can even answer calls by using the built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

  • Answer calls and dials out when your phone is connected to Bluetooth using the speaker’s built-in microphone.
  • It takes approximately 16-18 hours of direct sunlight for a full charge and about 1-2 hours by micro USB input (cord included).
  • Lightweight (8.6oz) speaker consists of an easy-to-attach carrying strap.
  • The speaker is robust and durable and can float as it has an IPX6 waterproof rating.
  • On a full charge, it will provide 15-20 hours of audio playback. Run time is dependant on volume levels.


  • Great value for the money.
  • Very loud for its size and has excellent bass


  • This Suncat Bluetooth speaker is not Alexa compatible


11) The Original Waterproof Solar Soundbar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Two powerful, high-performance woofers function together with a linear bass radiator creating three speakers in 1 system that allows you with 360° degrees of high definition audio. It features built-in smart audio optimization and enhanced bass.

The Solar Soundbar is well known for eminence and performance. With a sound much more prominent than its size, no speaker is flexible as the Solar Soundbar. The Solar Soundbar doubles as a power bank and has a built-in silicon solar panel, allowing the device to stay charged. The solar soundbar is equipped with an extra USB port so you can charge your other devices also.

Product Features & Specs

The system works by using a high capacity of 5000 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It provides up to 30 hours of playtime at a normal volume level and up to 50 hours at low volume! The Solar Soundbar is durable and is waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof. There are two non-slip mats located at the bottom of the speaker that makes the Solar Soundbar ideal for any occasion such as pool, seaside, outdoors or on a rainy day.

  • The Solar Soundbar is an insanely powerful outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a solar-powered charger. It combines three speakers into 1 and provides high definition audio with enhanced bass.
  • It features a built-in solar-powered power bank and portable charger to charge both the speaker and your other devices. It provides 50 hours of playtime.
  • It’s a waterproof speaker that’s also dustproof and drop-proof, making it the perfect wireless outdoor speaker for camping, sports, beaches and travel.
  • It uses extended range wireless Bluetooth so you can play music from up to 50 feet away. There’s also a built-in AUX port, micro SD card slot for playing music and a built-in microphone for taking calls via Bluetooth.


  • It combines three speakers into 1 and provides high definition audio with enhanced bass
  • Wide Bluetooth range


  • Charging is slow.


Buying Guide- The Best Solar Pool Speakers

Sometimes, it can be tough to decide what makes a quality solar pool speaker, but a few different features can make some units exceptional. If you consider the features like connectivity, frequency, additional features, etc.. you’ll be more likely to find a perfect and ideal solar pool speaker.

Additional features

Most solar waterproof Bluetooth speakers have extra options, such as the ability to charge your Smartphone. Ensure to purchase the speakers which come with additional features to make your time more superb, comforting and thrilling.


In addition to wireless connectivity, it is suggested to purchase the solar waterproof speakers with the wired connection, so also check for an auxiliary connector. It is generally mentioned as ‘Aux-In’ in the specs of the speaker. A wired connection is useful if you wish to save a bit of battery on your Smartphone or speaker. 

Built-in microphone

A microphone is an excellent option to have too because it allows you to answer calls directly through the speaker, just like a speakerphone. So, you will not have to search for your cell phone when you get a call because you can reply it directly through the speaker.

Charge controller

Choose the solar Bluetooth speaker with the battery that can be charged quickly even in low sunlight or rainy days. It should last for several hours of normal use. Select the ones whose battery has a long life. Its battery must have a Quick and deep discharging capability. 

The drivers

The driver is the heart of a solar Bluetooth speaker, so you must get a decently sized driver. Most of these speakers will usually have a forty-millimetre driver. The smaller solar Bluetooth speakers typically come with a single, full-range driver and are placed either facing up or down, to generate better sound. Many speakers also have a twin driver setup, which tends to be a little louder. 

Frequency response

Frequency is measured in Hertz and is generally described as a range. The wider the range, the better the ability of the speaker to regenerate the audio. Though, having a wider range alone does not assure a good sound, because it depends on how your ear perceives sound too.




Q: Is the speaker going to float or sink?

A: This will depend on the model of the pool speaker. Some speakers have designs that do float, and others are not ideal to be used in the water and will sink. You should check the brand and model specifics before you make a purchase. 

Q: Are these speakers safe to use?

A: Yes. These speakers are built to be used either in or around pools. They are secure to use around pool water and will never cause any damage. 


Final Verdict

The advantages of solar-powered speakers are many, not least of which is the capability to keep other devices charged. When you’re out on your trips, you’re never without a phone or tablet to answer the calls.

Music is necessary to have an enjoyment and energy environment in parties. If you want to take your party to the swimming pool, the water shouldn’t stop you. The best solar pool speakers are designed and built to be work in and around the swimming pools, so everyone can jump in and splash to the music.

There are a lot of model and designs, but if you can identify what you want or require, you can save your precious time and money. A top-rated solar pool speaker will let you comforting and peaceful fun all summer long.


Please let us know did this review help you in buying the product. Will you recommend this review to your friends, your feedback is always important to us.

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