Best Rated Solar Pool Skimmer – Top 2 Reviews

All Swimming pools have to be skimmed and grazed properly to eliminate leaves, bugs, twigs and other trash floating in them. This is the reason why swimming in the local pools isn’t as cool as it looks like. As they say ‘someone is always trying to make a perfect mousetrap and someone is always trying to build a perfect pool skimmer’.
Wastage, bugs, and twigs in your pool don’t just make it look unattractive; they affect pools water balance, can discolour its surface, and can consume its chemicals. So what you need is the perfect solar pool skimmer as it is essential and handy equipment for swimming pools protection.

Those “someones” are the makers who designed and built variously motorized and automatic pool skimmers to get the job done. There many out there, with almost as many different designs as companies, are making them. It can get complicated and wading through all the conflicting claims.

Let us make it easy for you. We’ve compiled the reviews on some of the best solar pool skimmers available in the market. This review will minimize your research process, and we are pretty sure that you will find it informative and handy.

Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Pool Skimmer

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Top 2 Solar Pool Skimmer Reviews


1) Solar Breeze – Automatic NX2 Pool Cleaner Cleaning Robot


This solar breeze Automatic Pool Cleaner NX2 Cleaning Robot skimmer is simple to operate and to clean. Even in overcast conditions, it can collect sufficient charge in its batteries to remain functional at night, even after working all day.

Solar breeze automatic pool cleaner runs on solar energy, so there isn’t any change in your electricity cost. This solar pool skimmer efficiently maintains the surface of the swimming pool, working automatically around the swimming pool until you take it out to pour the basket, or it runs out of power at dawn. Then, as soon as the sun rises, it starts working again.

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After heavy winds or storm has filled your swimming pool with leaves and garbage, this solar pool skimmer will have it cleaned up quickly. It’ll be cleaning your swimming pool during the winds and storm as it skims the leaves and other wastage before they can sink to the bottom of the swimming pool.

Product Features & Specs

The Solar-Breeze NX2 robotic floating pool skimmer continuously skims the pool surface, eliminating over 90% of the trash and leaves from the surface of the swimming pool before it can sink to the bottom and perish. The process means no growth of bacteria in your swimming pool, fewer algae and no hand-skimming required of the swimming pool.

The water flows through an excellent filter to get rid of debris and dust and leave your swimming pool water crystal bright and clean. A chlorine tray contains two 3-inch tricolour tablets which enable the Solar-Breeze NX2 to clean your swimming pool.

While working throughout the day, the Solar BreezeNX2 automatic pool skimmer absorbs five times more energy from the sun than required to run it. The battery can store the additional solar power in it. At night the robot switches to battery power mode and works most of the night.

  • Automatic Pool Cleaner eliminates 90-95% of the pool surface from dirt and debris while decreasing the growth of bacteria with the automatic pool cleaner
  • Solar-powered robotic pool cleaner works by using the sunlight and can work effectively for many hours after sunset. 
  • Solar-Breeze NX knows how to navigate your swimming pool, get out of sticky situations. It even purifies your pool water to keep your swimming pool bright and clean!
  • Chemical dispenser tray has two 3-inch tricolour tablets (not included), the collection capacity is twice that of your in-wall skimmer basket.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Solar-powered
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Gets stuck on floating hoses
  • You can charge this pool skimmer only in sunlight.


2) SolaSkimmer – Solar Powered Automatic Pool Skimmer Cleaner


This SolaSkimmer – Automatic Pool Cleaner is Solar Powered skimmer manufactured by Remington Solar. The SolaSkimmer will work all day long cleaning the swimming pool surface and collecting the debris. It functions with a very effortless engineering process, which makes it very sturdy and robust over time. SolaSkimmer – Automatic Pool Cleaner includes a plugin feature so you can also charge the device if you are using it in less sunny areas.

Product Features & Specs

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool Cleaner is light-weight, made of good quality plastic and includes two solar panels located on its top. It also contains four infrared sensors on front to sense blockage and navigate them.

SolaSkimmer Automatic Pool Cleaner floats on pool water with two paddles each on front and back for momentum and trash collection. While moving forward, the debris tray captures any wastage or debris in its way. Once any blockage occurs, the water jets equipped on the two opposite corners adjust the direction of this solar-powered pool skimmer.

It also reverses and adjusts its direction periodically; therefore, it finally protects and covers the entire surface of the swimming pool. The battery in the SolaSkimmer will last up to 6 hours per charge so it can also operate for a significant time after the sun is down.

The SolaSkimmer also includes 110V charging port and a wall charger. It can be charged entirely via the wall charger within 4-6 hours and in 5-6 hours under the direct sunlight.

  • At last, an excellent solution to pool skimming. SolaSkimmer Robotic Pool Cleaner works by using the sunlight & will navigate across your swimming pool to capture debris before it settles down to the bottom!
  • This automatic pool cleaner end daily hand-skimming and decreases your pump circulation time, which saves you the money!
  • Four infrared sensors & two water jets allow your cordless leaf skimmer to detect walls & turn itself around to continue grooming your pool! Also have “Auto-Turn,” which turns the leaf skimmer every five minutes to avoid getting stuck!
  • Tiny particles such as ants or pollen slip through normal leaf skimmers, which can feed algae! With a single charge, SolaSkimmer will capture debris of all sizes, even ants & pollen for up to 8 hours!


  • Comes with a charging port so can be charged at night
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Solar-powered


  • It lacks a chemical dispenser tray.


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Liquid Solar Pool Covers

Pool Skimmers are essential for you if you own a swimming pool. If you’re buying a motorized or solar-powered skimmer, there are few factors you should consider before purchasing one.


Yes, the cost is the main feature for most of the swimming pool owners. You surely don’t want to pay much on a device than you should. Therefore, when quality isn’t compromised, we would advise you to consider the price of the product.


All pool skimmers aren’t designed and build equivalent, so make sure that you look at the quality of the material used in the manufacturing of the unit of and the customer reviews. Off course you don’t want to purchase a product that has a lot of negative reviews.

Ease of Installation

For auto pool skimmers, we would suggest a detailed examination of the unit, and it’s installation process before you pay for it. If you can set up a problematic device, then go for it! But if you desire easiness and simplicity, this is undoubtedly a factor you should think consider.

The best skimmer should propel with the wind – A skimmer that floats with the wind is much efficient because it uses the natural water currents to clean your swimming pool. The skimmer utilizes the pool surface tension to go around; hence, you can effortlessly capture the leaves and debris. 

The best skimmer can be easily attached to your pools system

 A swimming pool skimmer that doesn’t connect to swimming your pool system doesn’t develop the flow of water in your pool. A pool skimmer attached to the filtration system cycles more water, consequently making your pool clean and protected.

Best skimmer doesn’t need any extra accessory to function 

To get rid of additional costs on your swimming pool skimmer, select a device that works efficiently without the need for other accessories. 


FAQs about Pool Skimmers


How do I maintain my pool skimmer?

Remove the debris from your basket regularly to ensure the best flow. You may utilize the suction pipe for your swimming pool vacuum when cleaning your pool skimmer. 

What are the advantages of buying a pool skimmer online?

The primary benefit of purchasing any product online has the product right at your doorstep. Another advantage is that you save a lot of time when you prefer online purchasing as opposed to running from one shop to another.

What is a swimming pool skimmer basket?

The skimmer basket is a part of a pool system that facilitates the excess water into a suction system that flows to the filter. A pool skimmer basket gathers debris from the pool. You will be amazed by what you will get inside a skimmer basket.



A swimming pool is an excellent and healthy enjoyment, but it also has some responsibilities and tasks to maintain its cleanliness and to protect the swimming pool from dirt and debris. The protection and purity of a swimming pool itself, as well as its water, is the primary cause of why people purchase solar pool skimmers.

A solar pool skimmer will eliminate dirt and debris from your swimming pool and assist in keeping the water clean and clear. The skimmer collects the particles before they can sink at the bottom of your swimming pool.


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