Best Rated Solar Powered Floating Pool Lights – Top 10 Reviews

Floating lights for your pool can add a much-needed source of light for your night swims as well as a fun part to your home. Safety is a must for any enjoyment by the pool. Using solar-powered lights is the best way to avoid accidents especially after the sunsets.

With so many floating lights available in the market, it can be tough to decide which one is good for you. No one wants to hassle with a product that is not long-lasting and not working effectively as per your needs.

Placing lights to your pool not only makes it more good-looking and has the advantage of giving you the ability to see when it is dark but it also has a number of other advantages that can be helpful to the pool owners. Extend the use of the swimming pool for you and your family in the evening hours, the use of solar-powered floating lights can make the pool area and surrounding yard safer to use, these lights can also be used as a mood-enhancing factor.

These lights are quite popular nowadays; they come in different forms and varieties. There are underwater led lights and floating pool lights. There are types of lighting that hang over the pool.


Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Floating Pool Lights

Photos Best Solar Floating Pool Lights Our Rating Reviews on Amazon
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Intex 28690E 3...image Intex 28690E 3 Color Changing Blue Green Red Purple Teal Solar Powered Auto On LED Floating Pool Light Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
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Lixada 0.1W Solar...image Lixada 0.1W Solar Powered Multi-Colored LED Lotus Flower Lamp RGB Water Resistant Outdoor Floating Pond Night Light Auto On/Off for Garden Pool Party Ideal Gift (Pink) Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Sunnydaze Color-Changing Floating...image Sunnydaze Color-Changing Floating Multi-Color LED Solar Lights for Pools, Ponds, and Landscape Decor - Set of 4 Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon

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Top 10 Best Solar Powered Floating Pool Light Reviews


1.  6-PK Solar Floating Pool Lights – Inflatable, Waterproof, Floatable and Hangable – 12” Globes 4 Color Settings

If you want to light up your pool at night the size matters. We can say the larger the better except your pool is really small. That’s why these 12″ solar globes are the best. They are obviously waterproof so they can work in the pool efficiently. The other good thing is that they have a little loop on the bottom to fix these pool lights so that they don’t all group together. For hanging option a loop on top allow these lights to get hang on trees or anywhere as per your likings.


Product Features & Specs

These solar floating pool lights will set the ideal environment for an exciting pool party because these pool lights come in 4 colours. If you love colours this one has it. There are settings for red, white, blue and green. You can set the desired colour you want by just pressing a button. Simply turn it off by pressing the same button.

  • 12″ LED balls can also be used as floating pool lights, mood lights, or as indoor and outdoor decoration lights. Place them in an idealistic setting in your home.
  • These floating lights are switched on automatically when it gets dark outside Let the LED glow pool light float in water to produce an ideal environment for parties and get-togethers!
  • These floating pool lights come in 4 s colours in blue, green, red and white. Select between the continuous modes to display the same colour constantly, or you can choose the other mode in which the colour changes after every 15 seconds. Simply push the button on the bottom of the LED globe. To switch between the modes.
  • These lights will start working automatically when it gets dark and will keep working for 3 hours. Place them in sunlight for 6 to 8 hours if you want to recharge.
  • These lights are Waterproof and floatable for the pool, extra weight at bottom of the lights makes sure that doesn’t roll or blow away, and because of a hang tab, you can easily hang them in trees or anywhere else.

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  • Can easily hang them in trees or anywhere else.
  • Have 4 colours in blue, green, red and white


  • Not suitable for overcast or rainy conditions


2.  Intex Floating LED Pool Light, Solar Powered with Auto-On at Night

These floatable lights are an idea for any above ground pool up to 18’. The good thing of these lights is their versatility as they present three different function modes: floodlight, 3-color changer and the last one that combines the first two modes. Intex floating lights are very easy to use and you only can switch between modes with just a touch of a button.

Product Features & Specs

These floating lights come with a long-lasting plastic encasing. They are very easy to use and don’t require any installation. You need 4 AAA batteries for the lights and it’s even better to go with rechargeable ones. The lights should run around 2 hours and the auto shut option makes it much easier for you.

2 or 3 lights are needed to light up a regular-sized swimming pool. If the low LED lights are pretty bright, the coloured LEDs are a bit less bright.

  • White light and smooth colour changing mode.
  • Turns on at night and turns off at sunrise.
  • 2 hour shut off in static mode, 5 hours shut off in colour change mode


  • The floating lights have plastic encasement
  • They are bright and come with 3 function modes
  • It’s easy to use them
  • They have an auto shut-off


  • The Colored LEDs could have been brighter.


3.  Superdream Solar Power Energy Floating Lotus Flower LED Accent Light for Pool Pond Garden Night Light

The solar lotus light is decorative light that combines the LEDs with lotus leaves and flowers. In the daytime, the solar panel will transform solar energy into electrical energy and will store it. In the evening, the LEDs will light up automatically. In addition, it could float on the water due to the leaves. This product is not only beautiful but also easy to use.

Product Features & Specs

This solar-powered light will give twelve hours of continuous light if charges in direct sunlight for 8 hours. It doesn’t need batteries or any electricity whatsoever and its long-life bulb will deliver at least twenty thousand hours of service. It’s a good option for adding ambience to pools and ponds.

  • The solar lotus light is a kind of solar-powered decorative light that combines the LEDs with lotus leaves and flowers
  • These floating solar pool lights require NO electricity. In the daytime, the solar panel will convert solar energy into electrical energy and store in the battery. And In the evening, the LEDs will light up automatically
  • Beautiful, easy to use. Waterproof, float on the water, perfect to decorate the ponds, pool, fountain or other water feature
  • It will continuously light 12 hours if it is charged over 8 hours by the enough sunlight
  • The lotus solar light lamp has a long service life, more 20000 hours


  • Easy to Move
  • Lotus solar light lamp has a long service life, more 20000 hours


  • Doesn’t work on cloudy days.


4.  Sunwind Solar Floating Swimming Pool Light – Multi Coloured Waterproof

These lights by SUNWIND are the ideal solar floating pools. The light is designed like a disc with solar cells on top.

The bottom side contains a light that projects underwater in the pool. The disc also lights up around the rim above water.

Product Features & Specs

These floating lights are different from the other lights available in the market because they project light upward from the surface as well as below into the water.

The floating disc-like lights are great for pools and spas. Additionally, this floating Sunwind looks amazing in the water.

  • The floating pool lights with 3 bright RGB LEDs produce a bright light show, enjoy a magic fairy tale sense for the garden,
  • Size Diameter: 12.4 * 12.4 * 6.4 inches.
  • Works from Solar energy and made of a material with no UV, IR, lead, mercury, or other toxic chemicals used,
  • Forms Invisible solar panel, with IP67 fully waterproof, has the advantages of scuff resistance and reliability.
  • Two Way Installation Stake mounted and floating mounted.


  • Led are very bright.
  • Can be held in places.


  • The material quality could have been better


5.  Whatook Solar Floating LED Pool Lights Waterproof Ball Lamp

Are you looking for a decorative pool light? Do you want luxury lighting accent at your party? WHATOOK Water Light is what you should go for!
The RGB Submersible Lights are power-driven by three AAA batteries. The creative LED lights are made of good quality waterproof materials and could be used underwater.

Product Features & Specs

This light has various changing colours, colour buttons can be pressed directly to change or to select the desired colour for the lights such as White (W) Red (R) Green (G) Blue (B) and other colours. This led light can go downwards to the bottom of the pool. When using it in the small pool or such a place, it just throws into the water. Just place it where you need and let it shine!

  • Backed by solar energy, without battery and charging, echo-friendly lamp. It will maintain the light for 12 hours if charged for 8 hours by sunlight.
  • Just press little bottom on the top and the panels will be charged automatically during the day time and ball light will start work on its own when it gets dark.
  • This whatook light is Very much affordable and have a very low maintenance cost.
  • These Whatook light can also be in ponds, fountains and anywhere you need bright! This light can be hung on tree balcony or anywhere because it has hanging holes with the floating ball lamp.
  • These lights are waterproof and well-sealed; you don’t need to be concerned about the leakages.


  • Changeable Colors
  • Suitable for different Places.


  • You cannot hang these led lights.


6.  Pearlstar Solar Floating Lights Waterproof LED RGB Floating Night Lights for Swimming Pool

Pearlstar solar floating lights are specially designed to decor your pool and pond. Put them directly into the water as the lights are Waterproof and they will float on the pool surface. Rechargeable batteries are charged by the solar panel during daytime and the lights turn on automatically at night. The LED will flaunt various colour lights in your pool to form a beautiful view.

Product Features & Specs

Make your parties glamorous. Just threw these lights in the pool and the colours they let off will be just mesmerizing. Under their shadows, the pool will look someplace out of the fairy tales. You will not be disappointed with the result of these lights.

  • Pearlstar Solar floating lights are made of good quality plastic, which allows the colourful lights to pervade the whole body of the light. Ideal for pool and pond decoration.
  • NO electricity required for These Floating solar pool lights. During the day, you need to turn on the switch at the bottom; the solar panels will transfer sun heat into electrical energy and store the energy in the battery.
  • These lights are Equipped with RGB colour-changing LED. Every Light will change its colour automatically.
  • Ideal to use in Weddings /Garden Party /Christmas/Outdoor Activity,etc,


  • Environment-friendly
  • Can be used in different places and for different events.


  • Size is small.


7.  Pearlstar Solar Floating Lights Waterproof LED RGB Floating Night Lights for Swimming Pool

Specially designed to decor your swimming pools and pond. The working time and light intensity depending on the weather condition, season, location and temperature. The cloudy, rainy and snowy day will lead to less or no charging, so the lighting time may be shortened and light weakens.

Product Features & Specs

You surely will love these solar lights, especially when you use the, in a small inflatable pool. Just sit and relax with these on a warm quiet night after work. It will be so relaxing and its colour-changing effect is awesome.

  • Solar floating lights are made of high-quality plastic, Perfect for swimming pool and pond decoration.
  • These Floating solar pool lights require no electric power.
  • Lotus/Dragonfly/Frog/Butterfly top designs are beautiful and ideal for pool and pond decoration.
  • Due to RGB colour-changing LED Every Light will adjust its colour automatically.


  • Environment-friendly
  • Can be used in different places and for different events


  • Not suitable in overcast conditions


8.  Blibly Swimming Pool Solar Floating Light – Multi Colour LED Waterproof Outdoor Garden Lights

Blibly Swimming Pool Lights automatically capture the solar energy to charge during the day time and they have switched on automatically when it gets dark. Normally these floating lights are fully charged in 6~8hours.

Product Features & Specs

It charges very quickly and holds its charge very well.  It can be positioned in other places besides the garden and can be used as a decoration or as a toy for the kids’ bathtub! This Blibly product comes with remote control and the lights. The battery is already installed on the remote control. Just place it in the sun to charge before using.

  • This swimming pool light is charged by solar power energy. The battery captures the solar energy during the day and lighting up at night.
  • You can turn on/off by the remote, the remote control distance within 13ft. Switch between 16 different colour options and 4 lightning modes with the remote control, as decoration for home.
  • Waterproof and dustproof, the solar floating light can be on rainy days or swimming pool, also perfect for kids bathing time
  • Floating lights can be used to eye-catching effect. They float on the surface of the swimming pool and come in all different colours
  • Solar floating light can be used as pool garden lighting around the outside of your pool, also suitable for your landscaping, weddings, party, aquarium, pond, fountain, parties, holiday decorations etc


  • Can be used in Rainy days
  • Can be held in many places


  • Expensive lights as compared to others


9.  Lixada 0.1W Solar Powered Multi-Colored LED Lotus Flower Shaped Floating Swimming Pool Lights

Lixada 0.1W solar powered wall lamp has a light sensor design. Long lifetime and very easy fitting make it handy to use so. It is very much suitable for outdoor use yard, garden, Pool etc.

Product Features & Specs

These lamps last several hours. Stays in position well with the pendant as a weight. If you have a deck you overlook your huge pond & bought 8-10 of these. It will look outstanding. The auto on/off feature makes it very simple to operate.

  • Bright lotus-shaped and RGB LED is ideal for decorating your garden pond and it’s also a perfect wishing lamp, attractive and warm.
  • Floating on the pool water and revolving with the wind, the 7 changing colours and different lamp colour to choose, it makes your pool and gardens graceful and energetic.
  • Works by absorbing the sunlight and stores the absorbed energy for night lighting with integral 600mA Ni-MH AA batteries, cost-effective and power saving.
  • These lights have light sensor technology, which means that it can auto switch on in the darkness and auto-switch off at the sunrise.


  • Multi-coloured.
  • Echo Friendly


  • The material quality could have been better.


10.  Sunnydaze Solar Floating Pool Lights – Waterproof Color Changing Balls – Pack of 4

Sunnydaze solar floating lights are ideal for your outdoor space – especially your swimming pool! These lights can float in chlorinated water without any trouble, energy-efficient, using the sunlight to charge their batteries. The floating light balls are made of good quality plastic material that is particularly designed for outdoor use. Wherever you set these lights, they are very much effective.

Product Features & Specs

Sunnydaze solar floating lights come in red, purple, green, and yellow colour. The AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in each light can function up to 8 hours when charged fully.

  • These Solar pool lights are made of robust plastic stuff that will last for years to come; Each orb ball is lightweight and moveable
  • These lights can be used for both above ground pools and in-ground pools. It comes with a small hole on top so that they can hang up anywhere.
  • These lights have 4 colours that change between red, green, yellow, and purple; Capable of collecting energy from the sun effectively during the day and shines brightly at night.
  • The AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries can work 6-8 hours when charged properly. Powered by solar energy so no additional cost of electricity.


  • Multicoloured
  • Environmental friendly


  • On/off switch on all units is awkward to use


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Solar Powered Floating Pool Lights

The floating pool lights you want to buy depends on the use you have in mind for your lights and your personal liking. Why you need these lights and what you find eye-catching in these lights will help you in your search procedure.

Do you need a main source of light? Do you want underwater lights for your above ground pool? Are the lights just for excitement and play? What you want to achieve with these lights is the main thing in determining the light you purchase.

Options, like the light balls, are fun as well as handy, in lightening up surrounding areas. Others lights, like the floating tea lights, are more ideal for accent light and mood lighting.

Now we know LED pool lights are the best way to go forward, how do you ensure you get the best product for your money? Let’s take a look at the main things to consider when about to buy a solar-powered pool light.

Remote Control Access

If you want to manage your pool lights remotely, some pool lights now provide remote control feature. A much more suitable way of controlling your pool lights and entertaining visitors. There are plenty of inexpensive remote control pool lights available in the market.

Solar Panels

Solar pool lights for pools can help you collect energy and evade the need for batteries or electrical connections. Solar lights capture energy from sun heat and use it to power your pool lights. It’s the ideal way to keep your pool environmentally friendly.


Swimming in a dark pool can be dangerous especially for kids. Many pool owners like to swim at night, especially if you’re having a late-night party with friends. That said, night swimming should not be risky or dangerous. Make sure that you and other swimmers are visible while in a swimming pool.

Appearance/Entertainment Value

Apart from safety, solar pool lights also offer a range of amusement benefits. If you’re having visitors over at night, a swimming pool looks good if it’s illuminated. On the other hand, if you’re having a party, a pool light that multiple colours and a colour-changing option can always be a great accessory and liven up the mood.

Even if you aren’t in the pool, the bright water is a stunning sight in the night. At the end of the day, a pool looks better at night time if a good lighting system is in place.


FAQs – Solar Floating Pool Lights


1. Can you swim with the lights in the pool?

Yes absolutely! There is no need to remove them while you are in the swimming pool.


2. How Difficult Is It to Install these solar Pool Lights?

Solar powered floating pool lights are easy to set up with no wiring or electricity required neither any professional required for installation.



Swimming is not just about the water. It is more about the pool environment, and it helps in comforting your mind. An ideal glowing swimming pool solar powered light might be the missing puzzle in your swimming pool.

With these incredible glowing solar powered floating pool lights combined with the shatterproof wine glasses, your special occasions such as anniversaries, parties, or Valentine’s Day can be turned into memorable pool events. With these glowing floating pool lights, swimming at nights just became a lot better.

All you need to do is decide your perfect set of lights, which will very much depend on your budget and likings. The size of your swimming pool will also conclude the type and number of lights that you require and will purchase. Floating pool lights are very easy to use, and they have a very low maintenance cost.


Please let us know did this review helped you in buying the product or will you recommend this review to your friends, your feedback is always important to us.

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