Best Rated Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool – Top 10 Reviews

Having problems in the removal and placement of the solar cover for your pools a swimming pool cover reel can fix your problem and is generally used for the same purpose. These reels can be self-supporting or mounted. Various materials like aluminium, plastic, or stainless steel are used in its manufacturing. Some solar covers reels are particularly for an in-ground pool while others work only for above ground pools. Some cover reels can work with both in-ground and above ground swimming pools.

A solar cover reel is a way to:

  • Easily install your blanket whenever your swimming pool is not functional.
  • Quickly uncover your swimming pool when you’re ready to use it.
  • It can store your cover temporarily until you’re ready to put it away for the winter.


Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool

Photo Best Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool Our Rating Read Reviews on Amazon
VINGLI Pool Cover...image VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool, Aluminum Solar Swimming Inground Cover Blanket Reel (Upgrade) (18 Feet) Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Aqua Splash In...image Aqua Splash In Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel - Up to 16’ Wide Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Swimming Pool Cover...image Swimming Pool Cover Reel Set 21 FT Aluminum Inground Solar Cover Reel Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Pool Solar Cover...image Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pool - Fits Every Pool Shape Up to 20 Feet Wide x 40 Feet Length Blanket Cover - Above In Ground Roller Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
SWIMLINE HYDROTOOLS 5100...image SWIMLINE HYDROTOOLS 5100 Advanced Resin Solar Reel System For Inground Pools | Convenient Roll-Away Design | Pinch Roller Bearings | Sturdy Foot Pads | With Straps & Hardware | TUBE KIT NOT INCLUDED Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Rocky's 3A In...image Rocky's 3A In Ground Pool Solar Reel - Up to 20 Feet Wide Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Easyzon Pool Solar...image Easyzon Pool Solar Cover Reel Inground Swimming Pools- Up to 21' feet Wide Stainless Steel Blanket Cover Reel Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
NSdirect Swimming Pool...image NSdirect Swimming Pool Cover Blanket Reel Set 21' FT Wide Stainless Steel for Inground Pool Roller Solar Cover Aluminum Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
SWIMLINE HYDROTOOLS 51050...image SWIMLINE HYDROTOOLS 51050 Advanced Resin Solar Reel System For Inground Pools | Retractable Wheels | Straps & Hardware | Heavy Duty | Pinch Roller Bearings | Tilt Resistant | TUBE KIT NOT INCLUDED Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon
Sun2Solar 21' Wide...image Sun2Solar 21' Wide Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel | Works with 8-Mil & 12-Mil Heating Blankets | Perfect for Inground Swimming Pools Reveal Latest Deal and Price on Amazon

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10 Best Solar Cover Reel for Inground Pool Reviews


1) VINGLI Solar Cover Reel Set For Inground Swimming Pool – 18 Feet

The VINGLI pool cover reel has all the features you’re searching. The robust and sturdy aluminium rod has three lockable sections to avoid drooping from holding a dense cover. Stainless steel legs and large rubber wheels add firmness. The grooved reel rod design means the fixed straps stay put. 

Product Features & Specs

This pool cover reel features robust construction that gives maximum stability. The solid wheel design makes it more firm. Wheels are made of big full solid tires. Moreover, with fixed strap link, the pulling power is enhanced and much steadier.

  • The lockable telescopic tube can avoid shaking during the use. As it is elevated, it works better than the others that are fixed on the ground. This cover reel has stability, simple and large enough to let the blanket to easily roll-up.
  • An exceptional value as compared to other reels. 3-section aluminium pipe design, not droop easily. 
  • This pool cover reel is best for 14 feet to 18 feet wide in-ground swimming pools. This pool reel can work for all shape pools, but the width must within 18ft. Perfect to use in the rectangular-shaped pool, and also can work bean shape pool, kidney-shaped, odd-shaped, trim the cover to fit the pool. The straps are long so they could attach to the cover at different points.
  • The swimming pool cover reel has an exclusive design that allows for easy wheelbarrow-style rolling. 

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  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Useful in all seasons


  • The instructions are tricky


2) Aqua Splash Solar Cover Blanket Reel For In-Ground Swimming Pool – 16 Feet

Aqua Splash Solar Cover reel is moveable, but can also be mounted for permanent placement. This reel fits swimming pools up to 16 feet wide and is suitable for eight mil or 12 mil covers. Wide-track bearings make the turning smooth and handle at both ends mean you can move it without any problem.

Product Features & Specs

The centre rod has a rib-locking design to avoid sagging, and the frame has pre-drilled holes for casters (not included). The aqua splash cover reel comes with hardware, straps, and clips.

  • 3-way end design allows for stationary placement, fence mounting, and mobility
  • Wide-track bearings enable rotating and rolling smooth.
  • Long-lasting components resist rust, and telescoping tubes have a rib-locking design to avoid sagging
  • Built to use with 8mil-12mil blankets


  • Hand crank for easy rolling
  • Versatile in use


  • Regular use and environmental elements may gradually chip aluminium plastic.


3) Nova Microdermabrasion Solar Cover Reel Set For Swimming Pool – 21 Feet

Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover Reel has a seven-section design, built with a rust-resistant aluminium rod. There’ll be no sagging here! It also has telescopes to change for pool width ranging from 17.5 feet to 24 feet.

Product Features & Specs

In this Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover Reel Cover straps are fixed in rods, so that cover’s not going anywhere except onto the cover reel. Two wheels and one user-friendly hand crank allows for easy moving and working. The crank also has a unique anti-spin locking device to avoid unrolling.

  • 7-section thick aluminium pipe. Large solid tires with excellent stability give an easy and economical way to take on/off your solar blanket and decrease all the difficulties of tugging and pulling.
  • This pool cover roller is suitable for 17.5’ft to21’ft wide in-ground swimming pools. Solar cover rolls up securely on three ¼” diameter tubing; the product comes with seven poles, which permits this cover reel to work with a swimming pool up to 22’.
  • The swimming pool cover reel is consist of a hand crank on one end for steady working and helps in taking on / off the cover. It also has two wheels for smooth movements and a lock to avoid rotation of the roller.
  • Ideal for rectangular shaped pools but can operate with all shaped pools. The straps are long enough and can attach the cover to several points.


  • Durable
  • Great design
  • Easy to use


  • Slow customer support services


4) Pool Solar Cover Reel for Inground Swimming Pools – Fits Any Pool Shape Up to 20 Ft Wide x 40 Ft Length Cover

This pool solar cover reel is straightforward to assemble, made with good quality material. Its exceptional design makes it very simple to use and to move out of the way when you are finished with swimming pool activities. It adjusts easily to varied pool widths. This cover reel makes very Easy to put the cover on and take it off, and the wheels make it smooth to move to and from the swimming pool area.

Product Features & Specs

This pool solar cover reel is ideal for your swimming pool. The reel is 20 feet long, lightweight, long-lasting, maintenance-free, corrosion-free construction. Easy for a single person to roll up a solar cover from the pool. Easy mobility of the reel due to the large wheels 

  • Measures 20 foot wide X 40 ft long
  • Stainless Steel, Durable, Rust-free, Corrosion resistant
  • A hand crank on one end for smooth operation and easy portability due to huge wheels.
  • Simple to use and assemble.
  • Free Pool Cover Attachment Kit – 8 Straps And Clips Included


  • Easy to Assemble
  • Free Pool Cover Attachment Kit – 8 Straps And Clips Included


  • Instructions are difficult to understand.


5) HydroTools by In-Ground Pool Solar Blanket Roller Reel System Swimline

HydroTools In-Ground Pool Solar Blanket Roller Reel System by Swimline Makes your life trouble-free when unrolling or rolling your swimming pool cover. This highly developed reel system will certainly do the trick. The wheel is made of heavy-duty construction and will make cranking your cover on and off effortlessly. 

Product Features & Specs

This advanced reel system for inground pool cover has a Pinch roller which makes cranking very easy. It also has a Powerful foot pad base for easy handling. This hydro swimline Reel system will support 3” and 4” tube. This system has all straps and hardware is also included in the box.

  • Contains all needed accessories like straps and hardware
  • Includes 2 Wheels, 2 Cranks and 2 Foot Pads
  • Poles are not included 


  • Sturdy and built to last
  • Suitable for all shaped pools
  • Easy to install


  • Seems a little wobbly
  • It doesn’t come with poles


6) Rocky’s 3A Inground Pool Solar Cover Reel – Up to 20 Feet Wide

Looking for easy portability and flexibility, this solar reel is specially designed for these significant concerns. The Rocky’s 3A inground pool solar reel is attached to 2-inch castors to help easy transportation. Just drop the anchor bolts and reel in the cover. It has forceful lateral strength which staves off droops because of its 12-sided anodized tubing.

Product Features & Specs

In terms of resilience, it’s made of hard aluminium with an enamel finish that further hardens it. The cover reel has a 9.5-inch ground clearance from the tubing down, to evade blundering.

  • Designed for inground pools up to 20 feet wide
  • Constructed from strong die-cast aluminium 
  • Features 3 inches, 12 sided anodized tubing for cross strength that limits drooping
  • Ground clearance to underside of tubing is 9.5 inches
  • Includes all hardware, 2-inch castor set and solar cover attachment kit


  • Die-cast aluminium with enamel finish provides excellent stability.
  • Adequate ground clearance prevents unnecessary hits on the tubing
  • Good maneuverability


  • Its installation might take a while.


7) Easyzon Pool Solar Cover Reel For Inground Swimming Pools- Up to 21’ feet Wide

The most efficient mode to decrease swimming pool heating expenses is to cover your swimming pool when it is not in your use. This Easyzon Pool Solar Cover Reel is a good investment, which helps you to place and take away your swimming pool blanket very without any difficulty. 

Product Features & Specs

The work of placing and removing the solar cover of your in-ground swimming pool is done effortlessly by the use of this Easyzon Solar Cover Reel. The five-piece tube set can let this pool cover reel to work with a swimming pool up to 20’ wide and the robust construction of this cover reel last longer than others. 

  • The reel is long-lasting, maintenance-Free, corrosion-Free Construction- Excellent value when compared to other reels.
  • Decrease the difficulties required to apply or remove your solar cover because the deluxe system of this reel permits for smooth operation.
  • This pool cover roller is suitable for 5 feet to 20 feet wide in-ground swimming pools.
  • The pool cover reel has a design that permits for easy wheelbarrow-style portability to take your blanket to or from the pool.


  • Eco-Friendly Design
  • Fits in All shaped Pool


  • The instructions are complicated


8) NSdirect Solar Cover Blanket Reel Set For Inground Swimming Pool – 20 Feet Wide

This NSDirect Swimming pool blanket reel makes your life uncomplicated by protecting your swimming pool from dirt/debris whereas converting a two-person job into a one-person job. Perfect for 5’ ft – 20’ ft wide in-ground pools. Simple to assemble, carry and storage.

Product Features & Specs 

NSDirect Swimming pool blanket reel features finest, sturdy stainless steel structure that gives maximum sturdiness. Easy wheelbarrow-style mobility to take your blanket to or from the swimming pool. Large treaded tires joint with tough hand crank guarantee smooth and trouble-free portability. 

  • 20 feet long, light, reliable, maintenance-free, corrosion-free structure 
  • Perfect for inground pools 5’ ft – 20’ ft wide. The cover rolls up smoothly on 3” diameter tubing
  • Easy for a single person to manage. 
  • The reel has large treaded wheels and strong hand crank.
  • Simple to assemble, carry and storage.


  • Easy for a single person to manage
  • Simple to assemble, carry and storage


  • Straps are complicated to use


9) Sun2Solar Stainless Steel Solar Cover Reel For Inground Swimming Pool – 24 Feet

Sturdy and dependable this sun2solar pool cover reel comes in various widths. It has a stainless steel frame, and the blanket reel tubes are 3” in diameter. The large, robust handle makes this reel simple for one person to manage. Huge wheels on one side of a reel, make portability just like a breeze. 

Product Features & Specs

This extensive solar cover reel can protect swimming pools up to 16-feet wide. Best known for its sturdiness, it also gives easy mobility because of its extra-large wheels. This solar cover reel allows you to roll and unroll the solar blanket in every use easily.

With a reel tube that’s 3.5” and a clearance height of 18 inches, it allows easy and speedy placement of solar blanket. It’s also straightforward to operate due to its big turning handle. 

  • The placement of solar blanket can be a pain at times when having to remove or apply them manually. The Sun2Solar Deluxe Solar Cover Reel makes this task very easy and straightforward. 
  • The Sun2Solar blanket reel is consist of 5 aluminium reel tubes measuring 3” in diameter, two big treaded tires and a robust stainless-steel frame. 
  • The Simple-to-use handle makes rolling up or out your solar blanket a single-person operation. Treaded tires also permit for simple portability.
  • The reel is suitable for all shaped pools up to 24’ wide.


  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • Large turning handle
  • Oversized wheels
  • Quick set up


  • If any, the straps are slightly complicated to figure out.


Ultimate Buying guide for the Best Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pools

Solar cover reels work well with inground swimming pools, but you won’t get any satisfaction with the wrong one. And you certainly don’t want to put yourself in that position, Right?  To narrow the buying process, we’ve listed some essential factors to consider. After going through this buying guide, you’ll find it very simple to find the good one that will be as per your needs and also worth your budget.

Here are some vital factors to think when making the purchase:


​Most Pool cover reels are made for the covers having a length of up to 40’ or less. Completely rolled up lengthy blankets may tend to rub the floor, and it can bring in wastage into the pool or can harm the cover itself.


 We suggest that you should know the exact size of your swimming pool when buying the solar cover reel. In-ground pool reels come in various sizes. Most reels can be applied on the inground pool or solar blankets up to 20ft wide easily. Some reels have an adjustable feature to a certain degree, whereas some are non-adjustable.


Solar Cover Reels Footing

​In-ground cover reels with low-quality threads tires have poor steadiness while moving. Buying solar cover reels with the firm footing or threaded tires will provide it with a great balance.


​Mobility is one of the essential factors to look into before purchasing a solar cover reel. Some solar reels are permanently mounted to the floor while others have big thread tires for better mobility.  Getting one with the threaded tires will be perfect because this will allow you to position it at your desired spot around the swimming pool effortlessly.


​As cover reels are used in swimming pools, water and sunlight have a direct impact on it. This impact can make the reel rusty, and it can get damaged in a short time. Solar cover reels manufactured from aluminium or stainless steel, and layered with rust-resistant material can work better and also lasts longer.


How Solar Cover Reel For Inground Pool Works

The device is placed on the deck at one end of your inground swimming pool. The reel has long, metal pole placed between the two T-bars, one of which generally has wheels for smooth portability. This is good because once that wet blanket is rolled up; it can be a little heavy. You can also fix some solar cover reels permanently on the pool deck.

Suspended from the long middle bar are some sturdy straps with clips on end. Those clips are linked to the edge of the cover to roll the cover onto the solar cover reel.

On one end of the reel, there is a wheel. You’ll turn the wheel to roll the cover.

It’s an uncomplicated design. But it makes a significant difference in being able to roll up your cover rapidly and effortlessly.

Important: Always remove a solar cover from the swimming pool before anyone goes for a swim, particularly kids and animals. Partially removing it or folding it back isn’t enough. It’s likely for them to become trapped under the cover. It must be entirely removed to avoid this threat.




Q: At how my distant should I place the strapping?

A: The usual distance is every three feet. Check the Instruction Sheet included with your reel system. 

Q: Can I use the cover reel as the storage for my pool blanket?

A: You can temporarily store your cover until you’re ready to put it away for the winters.

Q: Does it fits for rectangular shaped pools only?

A: The solar cover reel can be used for rectangular as well as other shaped pools easily. 



All of the products mentioned above are perfect. In addition to the buying guide, you should indeed find a product that works best and can provide the performance you are looking for always. Take your time to choose the model, knowing that it will secure your pool. Without a doubt, you can end up with something good.


Please let us know did this review help you in buying the product. Will you recommend this review to your friends, your feedback is always important to us.

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