Best Rated Solar Cover Reel For Above Ground Pool – Top 10 Reviews

Your pool certainly requires cleaning daily, but if you get a pool cover for it, the frequency will be less. Without a doubt, you will have a grand time when it comes to having a swimming pool cover that stops the dirt out from falling into the pool.

Having the cover reel is good when it comes to setting it on the pool. With just a bit of unrolling, you will be able to cover your entire pool.

Are you looking for the best solar cover reel, this read has all the information that you require to choose the best one for your swimming pool. We have also compiled the reviews of different cover reels to identify the best products available in the market. At last, you will have a clear choice of which solar cover reel is best for you. 

Reviews of the Best Rated Solar Cover Reel For Above Ground Pool

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Top 10 Solar Cover Reel For Above Ground Pool Reviews


1) GLI Pool Products Whirlwind Above Ground Aluminum Solar Reel (24 Ft Wide)

GLI Above Ground Aluminum Solar Reel has a robust and powerful structure. This solar pool reel is made from high-quality materials, such as high-grade aluminium. We all know that aluminium can be lightweight and can provide satisfactory and reliable performance. You should certainly end up with a model that works great just as you want. 

Product Features & Specs

The model is perfect when it comes to the size of the pool. This cover can protect the swimming pools as from 18” to 28 ”. When buying the one, make sure that know the exact swimming pool size. By knowing the exact size, you will end up with a perfect model that is well suited for your pool, and you can have the maximum benefits by using it. 

  • Manufactured from good quality commercial grade structural aluminium
  • The cover fits pools 18′ to 28′ in width.
  • It is created with sealed, high-strength nylon bearings for an easy single person working.
  • Socket mounts for easy crank & cover removal. Bracket mounts on the top rail of the Above Ground Pool.
  • Solar Cover Not Included
  • Contains all required accessories for attaching the blanket

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  • Ease of setup
  • High-quality construction
  • Ease of use


  • Solar cover not included


2) Intex Solar Cover Reel for Intex above Ground Pools (9ft – 16ft Wide)

There are many advantages of covering your above ground pools, but the problems of covering and uncovering the solar blanket can be irritating and time-consuming. Just place the Intex’s Solar Cover Reel to the metal frame of your above ground pool for simple applying and removing. A locking option on the handle stops the blanket from unrolling.

Product Features & Specs

This Intex Solar Cover Reel is very easy to set up and use; no extra tools are needed for the installation. Good quality construction with interlocking aluminium shaft rust-free plastic hand crank with lock Fits Intex rectangular frame pools with the width from 9ft – 16ft.

  • Keep your swimming pool water warmer with this eco-friendly method!
  • You will get all the advantages of covering your above ground pool without any trouble.
  • Simple and easy to install and use.
  • Suitable for rectangular frame pools with the width from 9′-16′.
  • Reel only, Solar cover not included.


  • Super Easy to assemble
  • Rolling the blanket Is single person job


  • When the cover is rolled up, it sags in the middle from the weight


3) Kokido 24′ Round Solaris Above Ground Cover Solar Reel For Intex Pools

The Kokido Solaris Above-Ground Swimming Pool Cover Reel is an aluminium reel which can be attached directly to the sides of your swimming pool. The reel is rust and corrosion-free, which makes it durable and sturdy. It also has a crank to assist in rolling up of the pool cover.

Product Features & Specs

If you are looking for a solar blanket that can be attached directly with your above-ground pool’s, then go for Kokido Solaris cover reel.

Kokido possesses a sturdy and robust structure of the solar cover reel, which gives it utmost stability. And because the solar cover reel is anti-rust, it can last longer than others if appropriately maintained. Finally, the crank arm provides aids when applying and rolling the blanket for a speedy process.

  • This solar cover reel by Kokido Solaris makes it simple and easy to apply and remove your solar blanket on your swimming pool.
  • The set contains reel, mounting hardware and 7-piece hexagonal tube set
  • Ideal for pools up to 24′ wide
  • Hexagonal tubes made of aluminium alloy
  • Solar cover not included


  • Corrosion-free body
  • You can attach it directly on the pool sides (with or without railing)


  • With the passage of time and environmental conditions, the plastic parts can become weakened


4) Kokido Solaris II above Ground Pool Tube Set 24 ft Cover Reel

This Kokido Solaris II above Ground Pool Reel is a good model that you can get to yourself right now. You can now keep the trash and wastage from getting into the swimming pool when you are not using it. By having this one, you do not have to clean your swimming pool that frequent.

Product Features & Specs

Kokido Solaris II above Ground Pool Reel is excellent when it comes to operating it. The design has a crank arm. The crank arm is essential when it comes to applying and removing the blanket. This product will also help in stopping the chemicals from evaporating the swimming pool. This reel gives an easy way to use the cover and a place to store the cover when it is on the reel. 

  • The set including reel and 7pc hexagonal tube set packed in a compact and good-looking colour box
  • Suggested for above ground pools up to 24 feet wide
  • Max. tube span: 7.31m / 24ft
  • Hexagonal tubes in aluminium alloy
  • Contains fittings to secure on the ledge of steel wall or wooden frame pools and clamps to secure on tubular frame pools


  • Good pool protection
  • Strong construction
  • Ease of use


  • Needs assembling of a lot of parts


5) Hydrotools 52000 Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Reel Complete System

If you own an above ground swimming pool, one of the best cover reels is the Hydrotools 52000. The reel is now offered for buy as a complete set, with the pole set. The pole is made of lightweight, good quality aluminium that will surely last longer than others. This Hydrotools 52000 solar cover reel kit contains everything you need to get started! The reel system and pole sets are simple to fix and will take few mints only! 

Product Features & Specs

Swimline’s Hydrotools above Ground Pool Solar Reel System is the best in quality and stability and supports 3-inch tube kits. This system can be easily fixed to your above ground pools and contains the straps and other accessories to attach with the solar cover.

  • Above-ground pool cover reel system
  • Contains straps and hardware to attach to the solar blanket
  • New Hydrotools 54000 3″ aluminium tube kit
  • Used for 52000 and 53000 solar blanket reel systems 


  • This system is simple that assembles quickly and works


  • It does bow in the middle from the weight


6) Doheny’s Deluxe Above-Ground Solar Pool Cover Reel System (up to 24′ Pool)

Doheny’s Deluxe Above-Ground Solar Pool Cover Reel System is perfect when it comes to assembly. You ‘don’t need much time when it comes to the assembling the parts, because clear and easy to follow company instructions. The product is also available with the solar reel and solar cover attachment kit. So you do not have to buy any further accessories to make it work.

Product Features & Specs

Doheny’s Deluxe Above-Ground Solar Pool Cover Reel System is also useful in terms of working. The design makes the operation easy and straightforward and single person can operate it smoothly. The model can work with the round or oval-shaped swimming pools. If your swimming pool has a unique design, you can cover that also easily. 

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low price
  • Easy operation


  • Easy to operate
  • Innovative design
  • Fits on different types of pools


  • With the passage of time and environmental conditions, the plastic parts can become weakened


7) Doheny’s Deluxe Solar Pool Cover Reel System For Above Ground Pools – up to 18-ft. pools

To be on this list, Doheny’s Deluxe Above Ground Solar Pool Cover Reel System had to deliver on some excellent performance. Well, if you are going to buy this reel system,  that is what you will get. The model works best when it comes to covering your pool. Without a doubt, you would realize it is value the price. It is not that much expensive but can provide satisfactory results.

Product Features & Specs

Doheny’s Deluxe Solar Pool Cover Reel System can be attached to the pool wall or deck. When the pool is in use, it can hinge away from it so as not to be trouble. Its rotating wheel is big and helpful to make smooth cover rolls. Best for swimming pools that are 18” wide or shorter, this cover reel works well on all shaped pools

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low price!
  • Easy operation


  • Directly hinges on the pool
  • Premium, heavy-duty material
  • Easy operation


  • With the passage of time and environmental conditions, the plastic parts can become weakened


8) Aqua Splash Pro Above Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel – Up to 24 Feet Wide

Make applying and removing of your above ground swimming pool easy and hassle-free by using AquaSplash Pro above Ground Solar Reel. AquaSplash Pro reels offer best working performance and resilience at an affordable price. The reel system contains stainless steel hardware, cover caps for each base plate, DIY fixing instructions and a strap attachment guide for your solar cover. 

Product Features & Specs 

The AquaSplash Pro has a metal structure with soft-turning all-metal bearings, powder-covered steel base components, a rock-solid aluminium shaft and hand crank, and pro-strength interlocking 3-Inch aluminium tubes. The bases of this AquaSplash Pro are also detachable from the base plates. So shift it out of the way altogether when your swimming pool is acquired.

  • The professional-grade above ground solar reel for pools up to 24 feet wide
  • Soft-turning all-metal bearings, powder-coated steel bases components and a solid aluminium shaft and hand crank
  • Pro-strength 3-inch Interlocking aluminium tubes to decrease sagging.
  • Removable bases allow the reel to pivot or be removed entirely when the pool is in use.


  • The professional-grade above the ground solar reel
  • Removable bases allow the reel to pivot or be removed entirely when the pool is in use


  • Instructions are tricky


9) Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel System For Above-Ground Swimming Pools (21-Feet Wide)

Own a pool, and you want it to stay attractive with the use of a cover over it? Then you are familiar with the process to cover and uncover the pool. This Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel System can be the ideal solution to that difficulty. It certainly reduces the efforts needed to apply the pool covers. Fits round and oval above ground pools measuring up to 21′ wide with a solar cover reel.

Product Features & Specs 

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel System Features an assembly of 5 tubes having aluminium structure combined with stainless steel frame. The sturdiness is excellent. Furthermore, the package contains all the necessary accessories and supplies you will require for installation. There are two large size wheels made out of treaded tire for maximum ease.

  • Suitable for round or oval above ground swimming pools measuring up to 21′ wide 
  • The lift-and-swing design allows for the reel to be rotated away from or retracted before swimming. 
  • The unit has lightweight, anti-rust plastic construction and sturdy aluminium tubing. Use this solar cover reel system with any solar cover within an 8-mil to a 12-mil thickness to cover your swimming pool.
  • Rolling up your pool blanket can be a single person operation now. Roll up and move your solar blanket quickly!
  • It includes all necessary attachment hardware with the reel. The system kit comes with five aluminium telescoping poles measuring 3″ in diameter allowing for the expansion of up to 21′ wide.


  • Smooth one-person operation with steering wheel styled handle
  • Built from lightweight, non-corrosive plastic and sturdy aluminium tubing


  • The instructions are complicated


10) HydroTools by Swimline Complete Above-Ground Pool Solar Reel System Set

The Hydro Tools by swimline is one of the best available in the market, and most all of Hydro Tools cover reels are made from best quality materials. Keep in mind that this Hydrotools reel system does not come with the poles.

Product Features & Specs

The efforts of using a swimming pool cover now and then are quite much. Thus if the blanket has a reel, the task gets simple and easy. Furthermore, the simple installation is another thing to look out for and this reel. Lastly, a complete package means everything you need for fixing is there.

  • High-Quality aluminium reels
  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction
  • Fits pools 12-28 feet when installed with Hydrotools 51120, 51160, 51200, 51240, 51164, 51204, or 51284 (sold separately)
  • Mounts on top rail or deck
  • Easy to remove


  • It comes with an all-aluminium tube kit for unparallel service life.
  • Includes straps you will need for attachment of the cover.


  • Does not come with poles


Factors to Consider when buying the best above ground Pool Cover Reel



Always pay attention to the construction of the model. High-quality construction means high-quality performance. Have a detail and closer Look at the material that is used in the manufacturing of the product. This will ensure that you have a product that will last longer. 

Assembly process

You will have to assemble the cover reel upon arrival. So, it is essential that you buy a model that works perfectly and is not difficult and time-consuming when it comes to assembling. Compare the assembly processes between different products before the purchasing. 

Ease of use

The model you are about to purchase should also deliver the ease of use always. Research, analyze and take your time to select the one that is simple and easy to use each time you have to.


Another critical factor to check out is the brand. The brand that you choose is always crucial because you do not have to be concerned about the specs and features of the product. All the products mentioned above are from top brands. You can purchase them knowing that they will always provide some high-quality products with advanced features.




Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Pool Cover Reel And Do I Need It?

A: There are many reasons why you should cover your swimming pool and hot tub, and using a reel will make that a lot easier. Applying and removing the blanket or cover can be a hassle that why the reel is essential for your pool cover.


Q: What Is The Recommended Weight For A Pool Cover Reel?

A: The recommended weight is dependent on the size of the blanket reel that you need, as the larger the pool cover, the larger the reel will be. What you should look for is the right balance between weight and portability.



Getting a good pool cover is essential for many reasons, and it will save you a lot of time, energy and your overall swimming pool maintenance. Having a cover reel will let you have those advantages without much efforts of pulling the cover on and off.

There are many pool cleaners out there, but you don’t want to waste all your time using one and also to use a pool skimmer to clear the top of the pool water. Having a solar cover reel will make your life hassle-free in terms of preventing that with a pool blanket. By using the guidelines mentioned above, you can buy the perfect one for yourself.

We have listed the best products available in the market to help you select a good one. Once you have the best cover reel, ‘you’ll spend less time out of the water and more time inside of the swimming pool.


Please let us know did this review helped you in buying the product. Will you recommend this review to your friends, your feedback is always important to us.

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